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Super8 & Tab embody the power and passion of trance, proving time and again that they’re scene leaders who are taking the sound into the future. The Finnish duo helped kick-start the ‘Hybrid Trance’ revolution with their ground-breaking debut ‘Helsinki Scorchin’ in 2006. Nearly 15 years into the game, and that same trailblazing spirit continues to fuel their work.

Always with an eye to the future, Janne Mansnerus and Miika Eloranta remain unparalleled in creating euphoric dancefloor experiences - whether via one of their high-energy DJ sets at leading events and festivals around the world, or within the four walls of their Helsinki studio, unleashing their prodigious talent via musical avenues. Hit singles ‘Irufushi’, ‘Black Is The New Yellow’, ‘Let Go’ and ‘No Frontiers’ have proved staples throughout the trance scene – as well as remixes delivered for Armin Van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, Tritonal, Above & Beyond and Cosmic Gate. Pushing sonic boundaries, their artist albums ‘Empire’ (2010), ‘Unified’ (2014) on Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats, as well as the 2018 album of ‘Reformation’ on Armada Music, show that Super8 & Tab have an ongoing union as signature DJ/producers. A union that stretches back more than a decade.

“‘Reformation’ has been about keeping that forward momentum going,” Janne says. “We’ve tried to break old habits, bringing new elements into the music and the way we work in the studio.” The 2018 album, released in 59 countries via streaming and download platforms, led to an unstoppable explosion of new anthems over the course of two years. Kicking off with smash hit ‘Mega’ - which trance powerhouse Armin van Buuren showcased for an entire six months prior to it holding #1 on Beatport for three consecutive weeks upon release, as well as racking up millions of plays on Spotify - the pair never relented on the pace or energy from that point.

‘Cosmo’, ‘True Love’ (feat Envy Monroe), ‘Falling Into You’ (feat Jonny Rose), ‘Seconds Away’ (feat Sarah deCourcy), ‘Pressure’, ‘Noom’ with Cosmic Gate, ‘Venture’, ‘Mist’, ‘Osaka’ with Tom Fall, ‘Blockchain’ and ‘Burn’ (feat Hero Baldwin); each single won Miika and Janne wave after wave of critical acclaim and translated into commercial success, more than delivering on the faith that fans and industry alike placed in them. Following in the footsteps of the successful album, single ‘Iron’ was featured on the A State of Trance 2019 Ibiza compilation by Armin, and ‘Thrive’ become the first track ever to be played on the ASOT radioshow three weeks in a row. Other highlights include ‘Stardust’ (with KhoMha), ‘Trigger’ and ‘Lungs’, as well as the incredible 2019 rework of ‘Helsinki Scorchin’’ on Anjunabeats. That last one became the opening track of Super8 & Tab’s ‘Past, Present & Future’ compilation, released in April 2019 and followed by an extensive and ongoing world tour.

‘Past, Present & Future’ was an homage to the era they left behind, as well as an exciting glimpse of the future ahead. Right in the middle, in the very present, is where these creative spirits belong, ever facing forward and dedicated to the sound they helped to build. With the follow-up compilation in the works, as well as a brand new artist album awaiting us on Armada Music in the spring of 2020, the duo send out a clear and present signal that they’re anything but done with producing new and electric music. That statement is reinforced with the launch of their very own Scorchin’ Records label, adding the title of label managers to their name. “We set up the label and have a lot of new people working on our team. This all creates a whole new vibe.” Home to artists like Avenia, Sodality, Jorza, Emerge, Hamzeh, With The Winds and more, Scorchin’ Records fortifies the trance scene with quality, Hybrid Trance releases by promising talents, renowned suspects and, of course, the Finnish duo themselves.


With so much evolution and change within Super8 & Tab, it’s hard not to feel a strong sense of anticipation. Miika reflects: “Everything feels so exciting again to me. It feels like it did back in the days when we were releasing our first tracks. It's time to take that excitement on tour and to the clubs and really see it developing into new dimensions.”

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