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Latest in Progressive and Hybrid Trance


There is always a story behind music, no matter how big or small. Shaped by the memories of valuable experiences, they not only allow the artist to tell their side of it all, but also encourage listeners to share theirs. And that’s exactly what Super8 & Tab aim for with part one of their brand-new album: ‘These Little Stories’. In ‘These Little Stories’, Super8 & Tab draw from the wonderful moments they’ve had with family, friends and fans during the years. 

Super8 & Tab - These Little Stories Part

One of the oldest traditions in DJ culture, mixtapes have given listeners a consistent window into the musical thought process of countless of the planet’s top electronic artists, from the Northern Exposure series of Digweed and Sasha to the ASOT specials of Armin van Buuren. Continuing the practice and ushering in the next chapter of their trance legacy are Finnish stars Super8 & Tab, who release their new compilation album: ‘Past, Present & Future’.


Super8 & Tab may already be among Trance’s greatest, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing the envelope every single time. Going bigger and better - or harder and more energetic - whenever the crowd or their new-found inspiration demands it, the Finnish masterminds always give that little bit extra and now do so again with their brand-new album: ‘Reformation’. 

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